Image Safe: enhancing the patient file with integrated medical imaging

Full integration with Medical Director

Image Safe features complete integration within Medical Director and will deliver Doctors a simple solution for enhancing the patient file with photographic records without the need to leave their usual workflow within the patient management system.

Works with all Digital Cameras, Medical Imaging devices, Android and Apple Mobile Devices

Image Safe provides a simple interface with any digital devices that can store images to your hard drive and an even easier wireless connection to your smartphone or mobile device.

Compare images taken over time

By using the Compare feature Doctors will have a fast and effective method of reviewing large series of images taken over extended periods of time. This feature provides a particularly powerful tool for quantifying the development of conditions and the effectiveness of treatment.


Advanced image management features are offered to Doctors who may want to highlight a particular area of interest or record their observations on each image for future reference.

Allow patients to share their images

Image Safe also allows Doctors to invite their patients to upload their photographs, providing a visual record of their progress, ensuring a richer context for accurate diagnosis and peace of mind for the patient.

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