How It Works

With the help of Medical Director’s new sidebar feature Image Safe will integrate with the patient file to display an archive of images previously stored and allow for the upload of new images for any patient.

New images can be added by simply selecting the method of transfer, a choice between images stored on the local hard drive or sent from your mobile device.

Once a decision is made to add a new image or update existing images, it’s as easy as picking up the mobile device and taking a picture. The Image Safe application running on the mobile device will automatically send the photograph to the Image Safe servers and the image will appear in the patient file within seconds.

Images can then be viewed in thumbnail from within Medical Director or displayed in full resolution in an internet browser window.

Viewing images within the browser window also offers advanced image management features such as: compare and scroll through views, markup options such as pointer and highlighter and the ability to add annotation notes.

For Doctor’s wanting input from patients outside of the practice, the Image Safe Share feature provides patients with a simple and secure process for uploading their own images.

Image Safe: advanced image management with limitless possibilities.

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